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  • Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, Switzerland – France (BSL)

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  • Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)

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  • Zürich, Switzerland (ZRH)

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About Freiburg 

(Visit the tourism page of Freiburg) 

Welcome to Germany’s sunniest city! 

 Freiburg is a growing city with a resident population of about 230,000. It owes its popularity as a place to live to its Mediterranean climate, high level of employment, its clean environment and multicultural flair, brought about not least by its proximity to France and Switzerland. Its surroundings are the woody slopes of the Black Forest on the one side of town and the vineyards of the Kaiserstuhl and Markgräfler land regions on the other side. With an elevation varying from 200 m asl. on the Rhine Plain to almost 1300 m at the tip of the Schauinsland Mountain, Freiburg offers its residents and tourists, young and old, a vast array of recreational pursuits; completing the picture of Freiburg as a city with a diverse, active and open-minded community.  

Since 1988, Freiburg has been a Twin Town with Madison, Wisconsin – the site of the first NDT Symposium. They are very similar, in size, in the presence of a townscape defining University, and in the wonderful surroundings.  

Once you are in Freiburg you should explore the Historic Old Town with its various shopping opportunities. Visit the Old Town Hall or the Freiburger Münster while wandering through the streets accompanied by crystal clear open steams, called “Bächle”. But take care, if you stumble in one of these you have to marry a Freiburger! The Cathedral Market by the Münster takes place from Monday to Saturday from 7:30 AM til at least 1:30 PM. Get fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers and try one of Freiburgs legendary bratwurst, the “Lange Rote”. Also a good place to eat is the Freiburg Markthalle where you can decide between more than 20 stands with either regional or international dishes.  

The view from the “Kanonenplatz” on the Schlossberg or the Schlossberg tower lets you discover that Freiburg is a green city with many beautiful parks to visit, such as the nearby Colombipark or the impressive Seepark.  

Freiburg is home to the over 550 years old Albert-Ludwig-University with approximately 30,000 students and the cultural centre of the southwest of Baden-Wurttemberg. Also, it is regarded as one of the Green Cities and one of the cradles of the Green Movement in the 1970s undertaking large efforts to implement sustainability into municipal development. 

With more than 400 kilometers of bicycle paths, Freiburg offers a great opportunity to explore the city by bike. Most of the time bicycle travel is even faster than the tram or the buses!

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